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The prospect of the Aerated concrete equipment

The Aerated concrete products develop very fast in China, and the prospect is expansive. The Aerated concrete has become the pillar industry in China's construction industry, our country introduces the technology also for about forty years. This aerated concrete equipment mainly has two productive technology, the fly ash aerated concrete block and the sand aerated concrete production line, various aspects technology contains the equipment has achieved the industry leading level. 
       The Aerated concrete block is a green environmental new heat preservative wall materials uses river sands, lime, cement as main raw materials, sues aluminum paste as foaming agent, and formed through raw materials levigating, ngredient stiring, pour delivering,cease cutting and autoclaved maintenance. characteristics with light, high strength, endurance, insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, anti-permeability and well anchor performance, The Aerated concrete block also has the advantanges of conveniental construction, high machinability, it can also reduce the comprehensive cost, increase building using area etc, and The Aerated concrete block has already been widely used in industrial and civil building, becoming one of the wall materials with the most thriving and good performance. The Aerated concrete block is also a new project that our country mainly advocated

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