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How to buy good quality aerated concrete equipment?

As far as the vast numbers of aerated concrete equipment consumers’ concerned, it is not an easy thing to buy a good quality and preferential equipment, firstly, it is by intelligence not eyesight to look for good manufacturers, only good manufacturers can have good quality machines, and also ensure good after-sales service. To make investment has a benefit, it is need to have an on-the-spot investigation of the quality of concrete equipment we will buy, the quality is well or not directly influence the product yield rate, there are some methods of identifying the quality of aerated concrete equipment as follows: 
       1. the iron materials quality of the equipment. 
       2. the paint quality of the Aerated concrete equipments appearance will have a direct impact on the service life of the Aerated concrete equipment, the concrete equipment are almost outside, so it is easy to rust thus to bring productivity decreased. 
       3. the Aerated concrete equipment’s internals reflect the key part of the equipment, firstly we should know the working principle, produce strictly according to the national standard. 
       4. the cutterbar is the important device in Aerated concrete equipment, check if the module meets the national standard, is it not allowed little difference, otherwise it will cause the productsproduced can be not used. 

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